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12mm Length Polypropylene CONSTRUCTION FIBERS

CETEX - CPP12 are polypropylene (PP) construction  fibers of 12 mm length. These micro fibers prevent crack formation and provide reinforcement. They are mainly used in mortar where thickness of plaster is 10 mm or more. They are suitable for waterproofing or repair of structures. They are also used in concrete, where mixing is manual. Suitable care has been taken to ensure dispersion of fibres in the mix. It conforms to ASTM C 1116/C 1116M – 10a 4.1.3 Type III & BS EN 14889-2: 2006.

Polypropylene Construction Fiber



Minimum Dosage:- For concrete- 600gm/cubic metre

For mortar- 900gm/ cubic metre

For Fire Protection of Concrete:- 1.0 Kg/cubic metre (min.) 

Results improve with higher dosage of fiber. Kindly optimize the dosage depending on the requirement.


For Manual Mixing:- The fibers are dosed in a bucket half filled with water. The water in stirred vigorously, which disperses the fibers. The water and fiber mixture is spread over the other cementatious mix.

For Machine mixing:- Small quantity of water is dosed in empty drum to clean the drum after each batch. Add fibre in the rotating drum. Then add the chips/sand/cement/water in the concrete mixer and continue normal operation.

For dosing in Ready Mix Truck:- Add fibres in small lots in the rotating drum. After dosing is complete allow extra 20-30 revolutions of drum at maximum RPM.....

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