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CETEX AS – ACRYLIC SEALER is a premium product that can be applied on variety of surfaces like concrete, stone, marble, brick, wood etc. for protection as well as improving the gloss and water resistance. It is concentrated water based emulsion of thermoplastic resin. It is diluted with water and applied by brush or spray. It is eco-friendly. It is used as water proof membrane, protection of surface, high gloss finish and premium base for paints.



• It is concentrated product. It has to be diluted with water at site before use.
• Can be applied of various surfaces like concrete, stones, wood, metal, etc.
• It gives a long lasting glossy, wet look finish on the surface. It is UV resistant, and will not discolour.
• Pigment can be added to diluted solution for paint application on various surfaces.  
• It has very high abrasion resistance and good bonding with treated surface.
• It forms a waterproof layer Protects the surface from stains and various other chemicals.
• Quick drying. The treated surface is air cured.
• Provides excellent resistance to water and dirt.
• Excellent weather ability. It can be used on exterior as well as interior surfaces. •
• It is water- based, very low VOC. It is eco-friendly. Non-flammable. Non-toxic. Low odor.



On application of diluted solution, it dries to form a protective film on the surface. The coupling agents present in the product prevents “peeling off” effect and makes the application long lasting. Moreover the film is reinforced with nanometer sized particles, which improves abrasion resistance.

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