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  Fibers & Chemicals

  XETEX INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD. has the mission to     develop and manufacture superior quality products  for   various industries like construction, oil fields, agriculture,   metal and welding rod etc. at a reasonable value. Through   our extensive inventory of diverse and custom-made   products, our talented team goes above and beyond to   make sure needs of customers are not only met, but   exceeded.

   XETEX Industries Pvt. Ltd. is being spearheaded by Mr.     Tarun Agrawal, a chemical engineer from the India’s   premier institute, IIT Kharagpur. His hands on experience   in the field of chemicals, has guided us and WALTAR   ENTERPRISES, an ISO 9001 company (sister concern   to XETEX Industries Pvt. Ltd.) to develop innovative and   tailor-made product for the various industries.

  Our decision to foray into other business is based on our     ability to innovate and satisfy customer needs.

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