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24-50mm Polypropylene CONSTRUCTION FIBERS

CETEX CPPST are graded (mixed length) Polypropylene (PP) synthetic fibers suitable for various concrete structural works. It is a blend of CPP24 & CPP50. Being longer than maximum size of aggregate, each and every strand of fiber is effective. Due to the long length, CPP50 gives better anchorage and reinforcement while CPP24 increases the number of fibres in a given dosage, preventing crack formation. It has been found that graded fibers give better result compared to individual length fibers. It is recommended for heavy load bearing structures. It is the most popular for concrete application. Suitable care has been taken to ensure dispersion of fibres. It conforms to ASTM C 1116/C 1116M - 06 4.1.3 Type III & BS EN 14889-2: 2006.

Graded Fibers




For crack prevention - 600gm/m3 (minimum); Recommended Dosage - 900gm/m3

For primary reinforcement (in concrete floors/precast) - Above 1000gm/m3.

Results improve with higher dosage of fiber. Kindly optimize the dosage depending on the requirement.


For Machine mixing - Small quantity of water is dosed in empty drum to clean the drum after each batch. Add fibre in the rotating drum. Then add the chips/sand/cement/water in the concrete mixer and continue normal operation.

For dosing in Ready Mix Truck - Add fibres in small lots in the rotating drum. After dosing is complete allow extra 20-30 revolutions of the drum at maximum RPM.....

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