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   XETEX INDUSTRIES manufactures speciality chemicals for various                    industries like construction, metal industry, agriculture, oil field and allied.

  • LITHIUM SILICATE - used in Construction, Metal, and Welding Rods Industries

  • POTASSIUM LITHIUM SILICATE (POLISI) used in Construction, Metal and Welding Rods Industries

  • POTASSIUM SILICATE - used in Construction, Agriculture, Metal and Welding Rods Industries

  • LITHIUM POLYSILICATE​ used for surface densification, coating, and binding ; high performance zinc coatings and marine/industrial applications.


  These speciality chemicals are chemical products which provide a wide variety     of outcome in various industries. These chemicals are used on the basis of their    performance, hence they are also described as "performance" chemicals or       "formulation" chemicals. The physical and chemical characteristics of the single    molecules or the formulated mixtures of molecules and the composition of the    mixtures influences the performance end product.

   XETEX INDUSTRIES manufactures an array of speciality chemicals to                 provide innovative technical solutions for our customers.

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