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50mm Length Polypropylene CONSTRUCTION FIBERS

CETEX - CPP50 are polypropylene (PP) macro construction fibers of 50 mm length for reinforcement in concrete. The long length of the fibre holds different components of concrete together, thereby providing a better reinforcement thus increases the strength and properties of concrete. It has been used in floorings, roads, slabs and other load bearing structures. A special treatment is done on the surface of fibre for better dispersion in concrete mix. It conforms to ASTM C 1116/C 1116M - 06 4.1.3 Type III & BS EN 14889-2: 2006

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For secondary reinforcement - Above 600gm/m3

For primary reinforcement (in concrete floors/precast) - Above 1000gm/m3.

Results improve with higher dosage of fiber. Kindly optimize the dosage depending on the requirement.


For Machine mixing - Small quantity of water is dosed in empty drum to clean the drum after each batch. Add fibre in the rotating drum. Then add the chips/sand/cement/water in the concrete mixer and continue normal operation.

For dosing in Ready Mix Truck - Add fibres in small lots in the rotating drum. After dosing is complete allow extra 20-30 revolutions of the drum at maximum RPM.....

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