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CETEX PS is high performing, deep penetrating concrete & masonry waterproofing sealer that forms a chemical barrier and protects concrete against water and moisture intrusion. Based on Nano technology, small molecules penetrates deep into untreated and uncoated cement surface, forming an insoluble crystalline structure within the pores and capillaries increasing the density of the surface and creating a resistant, consolidated, waterproof barrier against water and moisture. It can be applied on any cement based surfaces like slabs, terraces, beams, columns, ramps, garages, walls, roads, bridges, tunnels, underpasses, trenches, wastewater pits, precast, mortar/ plaster, etc.

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CETEX PS, low alkaline silicate based, first reacts with other free oxides and hydroxides like calcium hydroxide (free lime) inside the concrete to form corresponding silicates, which are stronger molecules. CETEX PS “gels” in the empty pores which is insoluble silica deposits. Finally CETEX PS forms a microscopic siliceous layers on the surface which results in strong ceramic coating, firmly bonded to the surface by strong silanol bonds.  This is stable against UV and high temperature Thus CETEX PS is a long lasting waterproofing and anti-carbonation treatment.



  • Penetrates in the surface, thereby decreases the porosity/ voids of the surface for life of concrete.

  • Improves resistance of the surface against various gases and liquid chemicals.

  • Drastic reduction in water absorption - ASTM C642-97

  • Improves resistance to chloride penetration in concrete surface (RCPT) as per ASTM C1202.

  • Improves abrasion resistance of surface when tested as per ASTM C779.

  • It does not decompose in UV or high temperature.

  • It prevents spread of fire, fungal growth on surface.

  • It does not discolor or show pedestrian or vehicular wear marks.

  • It is more stable and has lower efflorescence compared to sealers based on sodium salts.

  • Protects the surface against scratching or peeling thus making it dustproof.

  • It is harmless, environment friendly and easy to use. VOC content is NIL.

  • Paints / other chemical coatings can be applied on treated surface after few hours of curing.

  • Its usage drastically cuts usage of carbon based waterproofing chemicals.

  • Helps in Green Building Certification / LEED rating

  • Concentrated for easy transportation and can be easily applied. It is economical to use.

  • It can be applied in both new as well as old constructions, resulting in better quality & durability.

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