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    Why Use CETEX Polypropylene (PP) Construction fibers ?

  • Long length fibers for concrete makes each and every strand effective - In a concrete mix design, almost 40% or above are large stone chips also called MII or coarse aggregate whose average size is around 19mm .If fibre used in concrete mix has length of 19mm or below, then chances are that some fibres whole length will stick on large aggregate and become part of the aggregate. These fibres won't play any role in bonding or holding the aggregates together. In order to ensure that each and every strand play an active role in reinforcement, the minimum length of fibres should be at least 2-3 mm longer than the maximum size of aggregate in concrete mix. 

  • High Aspect ratio (ratio of length and diameter) - It is well known fact that for Fiber reinforced concrete, higher aspect ratio results in better reinforcement. Moreover long length fibers hold more number of aggregates together, there by providing better reinforcement. CETEX Fibres for concrete application have Aspect ratio ranging from 850 to 1375, which is highest in industry. These fibers undergo special treatment for proper dispersion in concrete mix.

  • Other Advantages -

    • Conforms to ASTM C 1116, etc.

    • 3-Dimensional Reinforcement

    • Prevention of Crack Formation

    • Higher flexural, tensile & residual strength

    • Improves resistance to earthquake

    • Primary Reinforcement

    • Reduces Permeability 

    • Stable under Alkaline Condition

    • Increases Adhesion; Reduces Splattering

    • Protects concrete from Fire damages, prevents spalling

    • Safe, easy to use 

    • Economical Construction

    • Increases Abrasion & Impact Resistance

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