Oil Fields


ISS- IRON SULPHIDE SCAVENGER (DISSOLVER) is a concentrated solution which attacks pyrophoric iron sulfide scales, thereby eliminating the potential for exothermic reactions, fires or explosions during shut downs for maintenance. Sulfur in crude oil reacts with iron pipe and tanks to form pyrophoric iron sulfide scale inside the equipment. It has pungent smell and it is toxic. Because of safety and environmental considerations, these scales must be treated and removed periodically.


When the equipment is filled with diluted ISS- IRON SULPHIDE SCAVENGER, it oxidizes Iron Sulfide scales to harmless products which are safe and it comes out along with spent ISS solution.


  • Being a concentrated solution, it is economical for transportation.

  • No gas is generated. It reduces danger of fire/explosion.

  • No undesirable and hazardous side reactions occur......