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DEMULSIFIER - DM is a concentrated formulation, which is effective for a wide range of crudes & operations. Raw crude oil carries impurities like salt, bottom sediments, water, solids, etc. These impurities contribute to corrosion, heat exchanger fouling, chocking catalyst deactivation and product degradation in refinery and other processes. In order to reduce these impurities in crude to the acceptable level for sale, fresh water in mixed thoroughly in it to form water in oil (W/O) emulsion. One of the most economical ways to separate water from the crude oil is by using DM - Demulsifier.


DM - DEMULSIFIER are organic molecules, when mixed in crude oil at low concentration, they locate and adsorb at the interfaces of droplets in emulsion; Thus it significantly alters the physical properties of the interfaces and allows the dispersed droplets of the emulsion to coalesce into larger drops and settle out of the matrix......