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CETEX Sealers offer protection and improved aesthetic qualities, such as shine, glossy and wet look, to the concrete. They give concrete an improved resistance from chemicals, water, salts, etc. Sealers are applied after the concrete has cured, and thus imparts the sealing properties.

CETEX Sealers are acid-free sealants and can be used on sensitive surfaces against concrete and natural stones.

XETEX Industries has an array of concrete sealing products, acrylic concrete sealers; water and solvent based sealers. These sealers penetrate the concrete by means of capillary action and seal the top surface to prevent the penetration of air, dust or liquid into the concrete. Hence they are effective in waterproofing processes by keeping moisture out (or in) the components on which they are used. 

Seal your concrete, protect your concrete.

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